Vuka Plastics specializes in plastic manufactures and fabricators, supply and thereof. We supply and distribute plastic pipes fittings of various shapes and sizes to agricultural, mining, industrial and domestic markets in South Africa including PVC,HDPE and MDPE of all classes, sewer fittings and civil fittings.

Our aim is to continuously provide quality products and customize our service to meet the needs of our customers, market demands and provide for future trends in order to compete with the best.


Vuka Plastics success is accredited to the rich experience of our employees with many years of experience in the production of plastic pipes fittings.



Our clients enjoy generous discounts for quantities purchased of specific product lines and we ensure that the order cycle times are kept at minimal with maximum delay of 30 working days. The strength of our supply chain lies in symbiotic relationships we have built with our strategic partners which ensures that goods are supplied to our customers at the right time, in the right quantities, at the right price and right Quality.


Our products carry a 12 months warranty to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality products to suit their specific needs.


We ensure that the order cycle times are kept at minimal with maximum delay of 30 working days. Vuka Plastics is committed to fast reliable delivery


All products are designed by our in-house experts to meet the client's environmental requirements according to specific specs.


ISO 9001: 2000.
SABS Approved.
Accredited Service Provider for manufacturing engineering and related services SETA(MERSETA) for national certificate : Thermoplastics fabrication.
Member of the plastics convertors association
BBBEE Certificate of compliance level (4) contributor ,BEE procurement recognition level: 100%